Sotol Tasting Recap

Last month, we held our Sotol tasting and educational event at Popol Vuh in Minneapolis. We walked through the history, the agave species and the production methods of this 300 year old spirit.

We focused on three plant species; Wheeleri, Cedrosanum, Leuphyllum and featured the following brands; Por Siempre and Don Cuco from the Perez family from Chihuahua, Sotol Coyote from Alejandro Solis, Flor de Desierto from Jose Armando Fernandez Flores, Sotol Clande from Bienvenido Fernandez and finally Sotol Clande from Chito Fernandez.

Overall, the group liked the Clande Yellow (Bienvenido Fernandez version).

December Agave Tasting Recap

Happy Holidaze everyone,

Last Monday, Dec. 10, we held our monthly tasting at Popol Vuh. It was a journey through 5 different agave spirits.

Tequila: ArteNom 1579 Blanco
Mezcal: Derrumbes Oaxaca
Raicilla: La Venenosa Siera del Tigre
Bacanora: Rancho Tepua
Sotol: Coyote Durango

This tasting was set up to showcase the different types of agave spirits available in our market and show the wide ranges of taste these spirits can produce.

Join in January for our next tasting, TBD.

Agave Tasting Popol Vuh.jpg
Agave Tasting at Popol Vuh.jpg

SACRED Agave Tasting

Thanks to everyone that came out to our SACRED agave tasting at North Loop Wine and Spirits in Minneapolis. We raised money for a good cause, read about SACRED here, and enjoyed some uncertified mezcales. 

Mezcal Tasting.jpg

Our tasting included:

Heart of the Maguey
This flight highlights how different agave varietals create different flavors. It consists of three spirits made the same way by the same maestro mezcalero, using three different agaves. The maestro is Eduardo Angeles of Santa Catarina Minas. Eduardo roasts his agave in a stone-lined earthen oven before milling it by hand using wooden mallets; the milled agave is then fermented in open-air wooden barrels before being distilled in wood-fired clay pot stills. 

Hand of the Maestro
This flight highlights how the decisions of the maestros mezcalero create different flavors from the same agave. It consists of three spirits made the same way using the same tools in the same community by three different maestros mezcalero. Papalome (agave potatorum) takes between 8 and 15 years to mature. I have included here three papalome expressions by three different maestros, each using the same palenque in Santa Maria Ixcatlan, Oaxaca. In each case, the agave is roasted in a stone-lined earthen oven, milled by hand using wooden mallets, fermented open-air in bull skins, and distilled in clay pots over an open fire. Exact same process, exact same tools, different maestros. 

Harvest of the Moment
This flight highlights how agave spirits reflect a moment in time and of place. It consists of three spirits made the same way using the same agave by the same maestro mezcalero, but at three different points in time. Maestro Victor Ramos of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, used tobala (agave potatorum) to make each of these three spirits In each case, the tobala is roasted in a stone-lined earthen oven, milled by a stone wheel pulled by oxen, fermented open-air in wooden barrels, and distilled in copper pots over an open fire. Exact same process, exact same tools, exact same maestro, at three different times: November 2015, March 2016, March 2017.

Twin Cities Tequila Tasting.jpg

Thanks again to Lou Banks and all the folks that came out to help us create a mezcal culture in Minneapolis. 

Lunch Date with Marca Negra

Mezcal Marca Negra Tasting.jpg

January 27th, we had our Saturday Lunch Date at Mercado by Earl Giles. We invited mezcal Marca Negra to be our featured speaker and tasting. Ryan VanSplinter, the Marca Negra rep gave us a tasting and history or Marca Negra that included; espadin, dobadán, tobalá, tepeztate, ensamble and arrenqueño.

Marca Negra is new to our market and our crowd included all types of guests that were simply curious about what mezcal was to regular drinkers that have not had Marca Negra before. 

See you at our next event.

TCT Lunch Date Marca Negra.jpg

Don Fulano Tasting

Our first Lunch Date event at Mercado by Earl Giles featured Don Fulano Tequila. Emory Blackstone spent the afternoon with us giving us a tasting and history of the Don Fulano line. 

Blanco, Reposado, Añejo plus the 5 year aged Imperial (Extra Añejo). Our afternoon also featured food from Mercado. 

Thanks to all that came out in support as well partnered with us to make this event happen. We look forward to many more.