Popol Vuh & Centro in NE Minneapolis

I am really excited to be working with this group. I have been allowed to build their agave spirits program and educate their staff.

Our goal with Popol Vuh & Centro is to create the best agave spirits program in Minneapolis along with the best educated staff to help you through your journey of the best and most diverse spirit on the planet.

To do this I am working to bring brands and expressions that have never been available in Minnesota before. We are going way beyond the Espadin and industrial made spirits to focus on small producers making products the old way.

One of our first introductions to the Minnesota market is Mezcal Tosba. Come down and try one of three expressions we have; a. Warash (100% wild), a. tobala (100% wild) and their pechuga (a. espadin with wild pineapple, bananas, wild apples, rice, and a wild turkey breast). Tosba is produced within category or artisanal mezcal.