Lunch Date with Marca Negra

Mezcal Marca Negra Tasting.jpg

January 27th, we had our Saturday Lunch Date at Mercado by Earl Giles. We invited mezcal Marca Negra to be our featured speaker and tasting. Ryan VanSplinter, the Marca Negra rep gave us a tasting and history or Marca Negra that included; espadin, dobadán, tobalá, tepeztate, ensamble and arrenqueño.

Marca Negra is new to our market and our crowd included all types of guests that were simply curious about what mezcal was to regular drinkers that have not had Marca Negra before. 

See you at our next event.

TCT Lunch Date Marca Negra.jpg

Don Fulano Tasting

Our first Lunch Date event at Mercado by Earl Giles featured Don Fulano Tequila. Emory Blackstone spent the afternoon with us giving us a tasting and history of the Don Fulano line. 

Blanco, Reposado, Añejo plus the 5 year aged Imperial (Extra Añejo). Our afternoon also featured food from Mercado. 

Thanks to all that came out in support as well partnered with us to make this event happen. We look forward to many more.