Sotol Tasting Recap

Last month, we held our Sotol tasting and educational event at Popol Vuh in Minneapolis. We walked through the history, the agave species and the production methods of this 300 year old spirit.

We focused on three plant species; Wheeleri, Cedrosanum, Leuphyllum and featured the following brands; Por Siempre and Don Cuco from the Perez family from Chihuahua, Sotol Coyote from Alejandro Solis, Flor de Desierto from Jose Armando Fernandez Flores, Sotol Clande from Bienvenido Fernandez and finally Sotol Clande from Chito Fernandez.

Overall, the group liked the Clande Yellow (Bienvenido Fernandez version).

December Agave Tasting Recap

Happy Holidaze everyone,

Last Monday, Dec. 10, we held our monthly tasting at Popol Vuh. It was a journey through 5 different agave spirits.

Tequila: ArteNom 1579 Blanco
Mezcal: Derrumbes Oaxaca
Raicilla: La Venenosa Siera del Tigre
Bacanora: Rancho Tepua
Sotol: Coyote Durango

This tasting was set up to showcase the different types of agave spirits available in our market and show the wide ranges of taste these spirits can produce.

Join in January for our next tasting, TBD.

Agave Tasting Popol Vuh.jpg
Agave Tasting at Popol Vuh.jpg