New Mezcals in Minnesota

Back in October, I wrote about the opportunity to work with Popol Vuh & Centro in Minneapolis, in an effort to introduce Minnesota to new brands and expressions of agave spirits. Well, we have added some new items to our menu that make it worth the trip to try.

We have added two expressions from El Jolgorio Mezcal, Madrecuixe and Tepeztate. I believe we are the only place in Minnesota to offer these. The tepeztate is worth the trip alone, vegetal, herbal and grass dominate this wonderful mezcal.

The other line of product I am really excited to offer is Lalocura from Santa Catarina Minas, Oax. This product is all made by ancestral methods using clay pot distillation. We offer the Espadin, Tobala, Cuixe (Mexicano) and Tobasiche. The Tobala stands out for me with bright green apple for a bittersweet taste.

Last, but not least, we are excited to have Vago in our line up as well. Elote, Ensemble en Barro from Tio Rey and Mexicano are available. If you haven’t had the Tio’s ensemble, you need to. He practices the ancestral methods of production, which I personally tend to drink more often due to the taste profiles that come from these painstaking processes of making mezcal.

Mezcal at Popol Vuh.jpg