Añejo Tequila Tasting


In the winter months I find myself reaching for aged spirits, aged tequila specifically. I like the warmth of the wood on the spirit and pairing it with hearty meals. In this spirit, we held our añejo tasting on January 28, 2019 at Popol Vuh in Minneapolis.

This was a blind tasting featuring Casa Noble Añejo, Herradura Añejo, Los Osuna Añejo, Arette Añejo Suave and Don Fulano XA. Tasting through each member rated the ones they like based on aroma, taste, mouthfeel and finish. Casa Noble and Don Fulano finished at the top of the voting. With the group not knowing the XA was in the mix, I found it interesting that Casa Noble and Don Fulano finished so closely in voting.

I also wanted to include a product made outside of the tequila `DO’. I think the most interesting aroma find was from this item, Los Osuna, which was referred to as fresh cut wood or saw dust. I personally had not thought of that until it was brought up and now that is the first thing I get from this añejo.

Cheers and keep warm for a couple more months.